Get To Know: Erick Morillo

This week we're getting to know famed DJ and music producer Erick Morillo. Wynn Social had the pleasure of running a few questions by the East Coast native, and discovered some interesting facts about his musical style, track inspiration and debut show at XS Nightclub. Get To Know Erick Morillo below then catch him on the decks THIS SATURDAY at XS Nightclub...((RESERVE).

How would you describe your sound/style?

I mean like right now I’m going through this thing [where] I’m all about pleasing and I’m all about doing the music that I’ve always loved and I’ve always done. For me that’s always been about music that has good energy but it has to have soul, it has to be deep and it has to be funky in a way. And then for my favorite, the little sexy female vocals. More that kind of vibe. So mix it all together and that’s the gumbo/jumbo that you call Erick Morillo right now. It’s all about energy.

When I DJ, it’s all about good energy, people with their hands up in the air. and it’s not about playing the most popular records out there that people are going to be like ‘oh my god’ but they could just turn on the radio and hear those songs. It’s just stuff that I’ve dug through and you know, been through and tried out. These are records that they probably never even heard before, but it’s about an appealing thing and you feel it in your body and you feel sexy…it’s all about keeping it sexy, with good energy. I don’t like it when DJS play and it brings you down and you’re like asleep and people are like ‘oh god’. There are no vocals, you know? I like to have vocals, they gotta be sexy though, but yet the music has got to be sexy. Not like ‘noisy’ like that progressive house stuff, not that.

Sexy pumping vibes…that’s the way to put. It’s House, its Tech/house. It’s a little bit of Techno and you know Techno is how I get their hands up in the air. Then I bring it back down to sexy house and I bring the vibe all the way down and then build it up…it’s like foreplay…Foreplay all night long with good music.

What was the inspiration behind the track 'Trapped'?

It’s a record about what happens in music. Especially when I’m listening to a record. If there’s a record I like it just gets stuck in my head. Either I keep singing it or I keep humming part of it or something. This is the kind of record that’s going to get ‘trapped’ in your head, that sort of thing. Sometimes you hear a melody or you sing a song and all of a sudden you can get that song out of your head, it get’s ‘trapped’ in there.

You've never played XS before, what made you decide to get on the decks now? What do you think makes XS unique in comparison to other venues you’ve played?

Yeah, I’m excited. I’ve been looking forward to playing there [XS] for a while You know, it’s one of those clubs that I’ve know since it’s inception. And I remember when I first went there, they had a little DJ booth on the side, it looked like a little barback station. It was like right when you walked in, to the left.

…Its my first time playing there [XS] but Ive been there many times as a patron and one of the things that I do like about it [XS] is that its not always about the big DJ. They created a culture in which they’re busy every week, regardless if they have a DJ they are paying x amount of dollars or a DJ/local guy who’s playing. They just have that culture of people knowing that its going to be a good vibe and party. And I think that, you know, for me, that’s why I’ve been looking forward to working with them because I think when you bring those two things together and the synergy together, I think that we are going to create some magic…

Anything you want to give us a heads up about? music, movies, charity ect...

This year I’ve been releasing a lot of underground stuff with DJs, Next year I’ll be releasing a lot more with ‘sexy vocals’ so im really excited

**What are the top 5 songs on your personal music playlist right now?

01. Erick Morillo "Trapped" Subliminal Records

02. Andre Hommen "Introspectral" Push Communications

03. Sabb "One Of Us feat Forrest" (Dennis Ferrer remix) Tool Room

04. Erick Morillo "I Want You" Subliminal Records

05. Charlotte Devaney ft. Snoop Dogg "Flip It" (Erick Morillo mix) Virgin EMI